gkingsley (gkingsley) wrote in goth_makeup,

Intro post

1) what is your name? Gayle, or gkingsley

2) why do you want to join this community? For make-up inspiration

3) what are your top 3 favorite bands? Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nine Inch Nails, Duran Duran

4) how do you usually do your make-up? I work in a law firm, so I usually don't do any makeup at all. I'd like to get a bit more adventurous on the weekends, which is where the inspiration part comes in.

5) what do you hope to give/recieve in this community? I'd like to receive, as I said, some inspiration; I'd like to give some ideas as well and maybe a few laughs.

6) anything else you'd like us to know? Nothing you couldn't figure out with a skip tracer, my Social Security number and my FBI file.

7) post 3 or more pictures of your makeup/yourself. Please give me some time on this as I am technologically backward and just learning how to operate the damn camera phone.
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